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Weekend Yoga classes

Dive into yoga with beginner classes—perfect for newcomers. Elevate your practice in intermediate sessions, exploring challenging poses and deepening mindfulness. Join us on your yoga journey!

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Weekend Yoga classes in HKU Garden

Curiouslyoga 是一个由香港大学校友运营的瑜伽社团,致力于通过精神哲学和内在反思,促进青年人身心灵的成长。我们每周在港岛区举办瑜伽课程和冥想课程,传播瑜伽智慧,让更多的人受益。 本期课程由认证瑜伽教练 Vicky Li 带领。小班制教学,名额有限。

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Weekdays Meditation and light yoga

Discover meditation's profound benefits—quiet the mind, reduce stress, and enhance well-being. Our inclusive classes combine meditation with gentle yoga for flexibility, tension release, and overall balance.

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English & MandarinOn demand for a group of 4-5 kids

Little Yogis Program

Fun-filled Little Yogi program: spark joy, explore movement, breath, and mindfulness. Instructors create a safe space for strength, flexibility, balance, and self-awareness to flourish.

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English9th Mar 2024 in Tamar Park

IWD Yoga with Nature

Join our International Women's Day yoga workshop! Led by certified instructor Eeshaanee S, experience rejuvenation with restorative yoga for work-life balance and stress reduction.

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Completed Sessions

Relive the blissful moments from our past yoga sessions, where tranquility met movement in a shared journey of wellness.

EnglishOct-Dec 2023 at HKU

Weekend Yoga series #1

Series of 10 classes that cover both beginner and intermediate level classes for multi-style yoga with a focus on deep relaxation and restorative yoga.

EnglishNov-Dec 2023 at RC Lee Hall HKU

RC Yoga Classes

Empower HKU students with yoga to help reduce stress and introduce restorative yoga for deep relaxation