Story of Curiouslyoga

Curiouslyoga was created as a haven for people seeking refuge from the chaos of daily life and a deeper connection with themselves. Founder Eeshaanee, having experienced her own struggles with depression and anxiety, discovered the power of yoga and curiosity in unlocking personal potential. Our classes prioritize self-acceptance and growth over perfection and competition, offering a judgment-free space for practitioners to explore the transformative nature of yoga.

Beginners and experienced yogis alike are encouraged to push their boundaries and embrace new possibilities. Curiouslyoga's story is one of empowerment, transformation, and the belief that yoga and curiosity can lead to a more fulfilling and mindful life.

Why should you join us for yoga?

Transformational Experience
Unlike many other studios, our classes are designed to create a transformative experience for both the mind and body equally. Through the practice of yoga, we support you through your journey of self-awareness, inner peace, and a deeper connection with yourself.
Inclusive and Supportive Environment
We create a welcoming and non-judgmental space where you can feel comfortable and supported on your yoga journey.
Flexibility and Convenience
We offer a variety of class options to fit your schedule. We offer small group classes to meet your group’s specific needs as well as to be based on your convenience and time.

Our Team

Discover our dedicated team of yoga enthusiasts, ready to inspire and support your wellness journey with expertise and warmth.

img of eeshaanee

Eeshaanee Shandilya

Yoga Instructor

image of garima

Garima Jain

Yoga Instructor

image of vicky


Yoga Instructor

img of vyshnav

Vyshnav Nair

Execution Team

img of huajian

Dr. Huajian YU

Execution Team

img of khyati

Khyati Gupta

Execution Team